TAY Auditing

Financial audits
Audit of financial statements of companies, NGOs and others with the primary objective to express independent opinion.

Internal Audit
Provide internal audit services to companies that out sources this function. We conduct risk based internal audit services in accordance with standards of IIA.

Forensic Audit (Investigative audit)
We carry out investigation of frauds with appropriate compilation of evidences for administrative action of management or court ruling purpose.

We handle liquidation of companies as liquidator in accordance with the Commercial Code of Ethiopia.


Organizational Capacity Audit (OCA)

Our OCA is primarily designed to assess financial management capacity of partner organizations on behalf of funding donors. The assessment is in response to the need of funding donors who like to know whether the partner organizations are able to utilize the funds in accordance with the terms of agreement and whether they can deliver reliable reports. We also conduct financial management health check of the organizations, an exercise which may be conducted within three days’ time. The organization latter on can adapt the technique and conduct in house assessment.